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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sienna Grace Shepherd

Sienna Grace Shepherd

Stillborn on the 18th of July 2008

at 22 weeks gestation

In memory of our beautiful daughter


Born with angel wings on

Friday the 18th July 2008

In A Babys Castle...

In a babys castle, just beyond our eyes,

Our baby plays with angel toys

that money cannot buy

Who are we to wish that you had known

this world of strife?

Now play on our baby, you have eternal life.

At night when all is silent

and sleep foresakes our eyes

We will hear your tiny footsteps

come running to our side.

Your little hands caress us,

so tenderly and so sweet.

We will breathe a prayer and close our eyes

And embrace you in our sleep

Our feelings we will treasure

Sometimes they will make us sad

Because our little baby Sienna,

We are still your Mum and Dad

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graceunderfire said...

I am so happy that Sienna has a special place here. Thinking of you. xxxxx

L xox said...

What a beautiful dedication to Sienna Grace. And Carly, I think you do such a wonderful thing for so many who have lost their precious angels way too soon.

MK said...

What a beautiful tribute to Sienna Grace. That picture is amazing Carly.
Rest in peace baby girl.
All my love and support Lisa,
Niki aka Mama Koala

Anonymous said...


What a wonderful and loving tribute to your sweet angel. This is a a lovely way for you and your partner to honor Sienna Grace.

Much love and hugs,

Karphil said...

Thinking of you and your family, words cannot express how beautiful this is lots of love Karphil xxxx

mrsmov said...

What a beautiful photo & such a lovely tribute to your precious angel.
Thinking of you xxx Steph

Haywards said...

My Darlings, Always in our hearts, your beautiful tribute(thru Carly's blessed site) gives me warm, gentle hope of a grandaughter and your daughter blissfully playing in God's garden. My prayer is that your family will someday find the Peace that Sienna and Ashlea are now living as Special Angels. God Bless You, Aunty Suzy XOXOXO.

Anonymous said...

To our dear family,
Such a special dedication for Sienna.
She is forever in our hearts, and although your pain will never be forgotten, we pray this wonderful website is a continued blessing on your journey to peace and happiness.
God bless to you all and to Carly for her amazing efforts.
You are all so special to us.
With so much love always,
R S & E xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Beautiful XXXX