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Saturday, November 22, 2008

A note from Carly, please read.

Dear Friends,

I hope everyone is having a peaceful weekend.

I just want to apologize for the bright colours in the Seashore library and the links under the name posts. We have a problem that has occurred when we have copied and pasted a message from a name request which we believe was originally a word document. The colours are proving extremely hard to fix! We are working on it now.

I am just also writing this note to ask people to please not make requests for names through comments on my son's photo post. We seem to have more and more people doing this when our email address is not available on the site.

I take our email address off the website at 5pm our time on Friday evenings. This may not be the same time for you depending on what part of the world you live in, for instance if you are in America you could be up to 17 hours behind us down here in Australia.

I take the email address off the site so that I can give myself two days to catch up on name requests that I may be behind in. It also allows me to have a break if there hasn't been too many requests.

I understand that getting your requests through is very important, but please know that my family and I need this time very much! If this were a professional business I would have the email address up constantly but its not. I am a stay at home mother trying to run this site for families and also look after mine at the same time. It is not an easy task and I am finding it hard to balance at the moment.

I apologize if this has come across as negative in any way, but I really just need people to understand.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and if you are visiting for the first time and would like your child's name in the sand please return on Monday to find our email address. I would love to write their name for you.

Much Love and Thanks

Carly x

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Anonymous said...

Dear Carly,

Please don't let the stress of running such a beautiful site get to you. I am sure that you started this out of an expression of love. I pray that other people will understand and follow the rules so as not to take the joy, fun, and healing out of such a good cause. I can tell that you put an awful lot of time and effort into each photograph. I have often wondered where in the world you find the time to do all of this and take care of yourself and family. I hope that others will have mercy and understanding so that you will be able to continue to do the work that you do with joy and passion. I would hate for you to have to stop doing this because of undo stress. Take care of yourself and family first, and it is my hope that everyone will have an understanding heart.

Jim and April said...

Thanks for post! I understand! I am sure you have tons on your plate! I think I did it right, I emailed you! Hopefully I got the right email! Have a great day! :0)

April Starkey :0)

Louisa said...

Carly, you definitely need time for family and yourself. What you are doing is gratis and is out of the kindess of your heart, it must take alot of time writing the name and getting the photo so absolutely professional and perfect, it's not as easy as you think taking a photo and getting the sun and water just takes time and I just wanted to say I appreciate your time and effort, particularly as you are a Mother of an Angel too & Mother of Angel's need to look after themselves...REMEMBERING
Go ahead and mention my child, The one that died, you know. Don't worry about hurting me further. The depth of my pain doesn't show. Don't worry about making me cry. I'm already crying inside. Help me to heal by releasing The tears that I try to hide. I'm hurt when you just keep silent, Pretending he didn't exist. I'd rather you mention my child, Knowing that he has been missed.You asked me how I was doing. I say "pretty good" or "fine".But healing is something ongoing. I feel it will take a lifetime.
- Elizabeth Dent

Thank you so much Carly and family for taking the time to do this.

duke said...

Hey there Go easy on yourself you are doing an amazing selfless thing for others I hope that it does not impact to much on your family. What an amazing thing to do for people you should feel truely proud of yourself and your family and know that you are making a difference to people. from my family to yours I send both our Love and gratitude
Lucy Bolger N.Z

mel said...

Thank you for sharing the sunset's at The Children's Seashore with all of us! I see a glimpse of Heaven in each and every photo..To think that so many sweet children walk the streets of gold and someday will be reunited with their families, just fills me with so many emotions.

God bless you sweet Carly...I love you, Mel :) Sam...You are thought of too and play a big part in this ministry too! Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

My name is Annie - I am Carly's Mum and Christian's Nannie.

This note is to say thank you to everyone who has passed on encouraging words to Carly and Sam over the last few months. They have meant so much to them both.

I have watched this special place start from just a dream to the incredibly beautiful site that it is now.

I have been to the ocean with Carly. I have seen her frustration when there's seaweed on the sand to spoil the photos. I've seen her delight when she's really happy with a photo. I've seen her write a name six times to get it just right. I've heard her say to me so many times - "...this Mum will be so happy with this photo".

I have seen her health suffer. I have seen her eyes shine when an idea turns into reality. I have seen her work too many hours. I have watched her creativity blossom.

Carly and Sam run this website in honour of their beautiful little boy Christian. They give their time willingly so that they may be of some help to grieving families - just like them.

Thank you for understanding that they need time just for themselves, like we all do. They need looking after too, so that they can continue the wonderful work that they do.

To my beautiful girl Carly and my very special and supportive son-in-law Sam - I could not be more proud of you both.

With love - Annie xx

Anonymous said...

Dear Carly,
Last month you wrote my angel Mary Carol in the sand. Thank you so much. The time that you are giving all of us grieving is unimaginable. You have helped to carry on the memories of so many angels. Keep up the amazing work. Take off the time as you need it. It will be an amazing gift when you get to each name in the sand whether it be in 2 days of recieving the request or 2 years. They are beautiful.

Julie said...

Carly and Sam,

I just saw "Polka Dot" written in the sand - how beautiful! I was not expecting it to be done so quickly. Words can not thank you enough. Please take all the time you need. What you do is amazing and I'm sure it has been very healing for you as well. Definitely don't let the pressure over power the good that is brought from what you do. God Bless you!!!

Anonymous said...

This is such a beautiful site. Thank you for blessing those of us with angels. Please be kind to yourself too.

Anonymous said...

Words cannot express how I felt, seeing Emma's name in the sand. HEARTFELT THANKS and blessings to you and your family.