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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Mechyia Lynn Thompson

Mechyia Lynn Thompson

Passed away April 7, 2008

*Be with me in Spirit*

Come back to me

Can't you see

I'm in so much pain

And there is no one to blame

I miss you dearly

I will hang on barely

Forgotten you will not be

I love you Oh can't you see

Won't you please come back to me

It is you that I will never know

It is now that I feel so low

If you will be with me in Spirit

My pain, I will try and conceal it

It is now I do grieve

In you, I will believe

Knowing you would have been a treasure

Defiantly it would have been my pleasure

Easing my pain are days in groups of seven

And thoughts of seeing you in heaven

We will reunite one day

Until then I will pray

In hopes you will be with me

in spirit each and everyday.

May 3, 2008

Tasha Thompson

"We Love you Mechyia"

Love, Mommy and Daddy

(Tasha and Jason Thompson)

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Stacy Perry said...

Tasha and Jason,

It's never easy loosing someone you love but it certainly makes you stronger. You're both very strong and I know it's hard during certain times but you're baby is an angel with beautiful wings and is looking down on you and will forever protect you, Az, and any of your future children you have. My angel and your angel are playing together in heaven and Mechyia will always be in your heart as he/she will always be in mine too. God bless you. I love you.

Vena said...

Beloved, you were with your mommy,
Her body held you with love.
Your daddy planned for you and
brought you here with love.

Our arms never held you,
But our thoughts give you a place with us.
Mechyia Lynn, we will never forget you.

Azonael Lynn, your big brother, came before you.
Gabriel Lynn your baby brother came after you,
not to fill your place but to secure your place.

You will always have a presence
with your family.
Our eyes have not looked at you,
but we see you with our hearts.