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Friday, November 28, 2008

Maggie Rose

Maggie Rose,

March 16, 2006
May 5, 2007

We prayed for this child & the Lord granted us the desire of our hearts. We had imagined what life would be like with you but we were wrong. Life was sweeter, happier, more precious than we ever imagined. Your life was rich & rare. You were not just sweet, you were the sweetest. You were not just beautiful, you were the most beautiful. There are no words to adequately communicate the depth & the magnitude of our love for you. Your life was a sweet love story. Our love for you is unending. We can't wait to get to heaven so we can be with you!
Mommy, Daddy & Carson
Honey & Papa

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Rosemary Arcediano said...

Thank you for doing this for our precious angel! Maggie Rose's Birthday is March 16th, this is an incredible gift for our family!
Thank you,
Rosemary Arcediano