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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Matti Oaks Erickson

Matti Oaks Erickson
Born into heaven August 16, 2009
5 lb 15 oz, 18" long
Oregon, U.S.

Loving God, we never got to know Matti. We felt her movements. We worried over her. We dreamed about her. We picked a name for her and expected her arrival-but never in this way. We were so looking forward to raising Matti and watching her grow.

The emotions swirl-sadness, anger, guilt, confusion. Help us trust that you are in the midst of this, God, and that all of our feelings-all of them-are prayers of the heart that we cry out to you. Our hearts are broken, God. Be with us and heal us. Surround us with a comfort and peace that surpasses all our understanding. Revive our hope and open our hearts to experience blessings and joy once more.

We have entrusted Matti to you, O God. Take care of her. Watch over her. Protect her and shelter her with gentleness and love-just as we would. Spread your peace over her and over us.

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Natasha said...

Dear Matti- You have already touched so many hearts & your spirit will live on.
Love- Natasha Morris

Anonymous said...

Matti~ so many prayers are said for you and your family!! your spirit will be with them always and forever in their hearts!! you are loved by many!!
Love Kristi Taylor

Anonymous said...

I could hear your pain in your words. When I lost my stillborn son @ 32 weeks, I felt like I couldn't go on. I went to an art gallery about a month after his passing and saw this painting. I felt my son there with me. It brought me a bit of peace. I hope maybe it will do the same for you.

The Edwards Family said...

Dear Matti,

Your life in your mother's womb and on this Earth may have been brief, but never forgotten. Your spirit I know is resting in the arms of Father God. He knew you before, He knows you now, and you will be known through all eternity.

Even our lives on this Earth are but a moment in the whole of eternity, it won't be long til you are reunited with your Mom, Dad, and brother.

Children are a blessing from the Lord. Sweet baby Matti Oaks you are loved.

Love, Pam Edwards and family

Jeff and Mary Kay said...

You left us with just our dreams of what might have been. Too soon, too young, yet you were loved as much as we had a chance to and we will remember you as long as we can.

Anonymous said...

Dear little Matti,
You made such a big impression with your tiny life. Your expected birthday will always be shared with us. We will see you in the sand, the water, the sun, the rain, wherever there is joy.

Maria E. said...

Early in the morning August 16th 1988 my mom left suddenly and traveled where you are now. I did not understand why, or how,but I am certain she is always with me.Search for her , she must be around the corner and she will take good care of you.
I feel you both in my heart and I see you every time I see your mom and dad's eyes. Matti, search for her and tell her that I love her , and miss her, she will cuddle you and tell you stories and take you for long walks, and play hide and seek.Then you both will watch over us until we get to see each other again and it will be my turn to look for you too. In the meantime, you are incredibly loved and missed.I know because I see it and feel it.
Mom take care of Matti please. I know you will.

Anonymous said...

Jesus will take care of you as he does all His little children and He will take care of your Mom and Dad. You are deeply loved and missed.

Anonymous said...

Mattie: Today is our grandson's birthday and twelve years ago he was brought into the world by cesarean section otherwise he would not have lived. We cannot fully understand the pain your Mom and Dad are going through, but we pray for you and them each time we see your Grandma and Grandpa.

Anonymous said...

Matti Oaks,

I wish that I had the chance to meet you. You have been an inspiration and have touched our family and friends in so many ways. You are in our hearts and will always be our little angel.

Love your cousin,

Jaime LeDuc

Anonymous said...

Sweet Baby Matti. I miss you. I love you. Sweet Dreams. Mom

Tracey said...

Thinking of you today Matti...sending you love on your first birthday.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sweet Matti! Two years already. The memories so vivid seems like yesterday. Seeing you the first time I smiled so big and said "she is so beautiful". Oh how I wish I could hold you, smile at you and tell you how beautiful you are. My heart is with you sweet girl. I miss you. Much love. XOXO Mom

Tracey said...

Remembering sweet Matti with you....holding you all close in our hearts today.

Jan Hogan said...

Hello, Sweet Matti...
I know you know how very loved you are. You, your Mom, Dad, Brother and little sister are in all of our prayers today and everyday. We all wish you were with us, but God must have needed you in Heaven to make it a little sweeter. I'm sure the angels are singing Happy Birthday to you today. Much Love, Jan

Anonymous said...

Dear Sweet Matti,
I remember holding you in my arms and seeing a beautiful child of God. You will be in my memory and in my heart forever.
With Love, Grandma Kris

Anonymous said...

Missing you my sweet girl. Though not here I feel you in my heart...every day. Sweet Dreams XXOO Mom

Anonymous said...

5 years my girl...strange how it can seem so long ago and yet so recent. I shed tears for you, I laugh for you, I long for you. Your absence will always be felt. Your brother talks about you. What a sweet boy. I laugh when he tells 'strangers' that he has a dead sister. I know he feels your absence too. We all do. Love you baby girl. Much love. XXOO Mom