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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Jeslyn Olivia Elzey

Jeslyn Olivia Elzey
Your tiny Heart Stopped June 15, 2011
Our First and Last Kiss June 16, 2011
Memphis, TN USA

Jeslyn Olivia Elzey,
Mommy’s sweet angel, I could take up this entire page with words I want to say to you but I will save them for the day I get to see you again! Met and lost you after carrying you for a short 20 weeks. You were so anxious to see who it was that loved you so much that you made an early appearance. We were so glad to see you, yet so sad to lose you. You were perfect in so many ways. Mommy & Daddy love you so much. Nakeya misses you too…she was so ready to be your bossy aunt, Nan‘na & TT erica miss you just as much as I do. In due time we’ll see you again, until then continue to be our very own tiny angel. We love you dearly. Though its hard for me to breathe, its only been 20 days since you left us, it feels like its going to take me forever to move forward without you. I love you so much. Every time the wind blows I feel as though its you dancing and singing around me. See you soon mommy’s angel! Love you lots! Be good up there! -Mommy

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