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Friday, July 15, 2011

Titus Henry Shubin

Titus Henry Shubin
Born Sleeping June 25th 2011

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Anonymous said...

Tjank you sooo much Christina my son would thank you as well and we will donate to your project on payday thank you again soooo much! The Shubins

☆Ashley Moniqué☆ said...

this is amazing. thank you for writing my nephew's name in the sand. he holds a special place in our hearts <3

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful! Brought tears to my eyes! So grateful you got the oppurtunity to do this for such a deserving family and a much loved little baby boy . His name may wash away throughout the sand in time.. but never in our hearts.

Jason Fouquette said...

What a beautiful memory.

HotLatin Granny said...

Thank you for your ministry to help families as they heal after such a devastating loss. Titus is missed every day and will forever be in my heart. Grandma Olivia loves and misses you Sweet Baby Boy.