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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Please read

Dear Friends,

This evening we are putting a hold on name requests due to our email address being hacked. We are organizing a new email and we will put it on the site. This may take some time.

We are so sorry for anyone wanting to have their children's names written. We hope to have this problem rectified as soon as possible.

With much Hope,

Carly and Sam

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Lynn said...

I'm so sorry that your email got hacked - I can't imagine someone being so spiteful :(.

I just wanted to double check as I had submitted a request for Nicholas at 4:40am your time Nov 11th -- if I should resubmit when your new addy is up, or if you received it. I didn't want to resubmit and be a pest.

Thank you again so much for what you do!

Carly said...

Dear Lynn,

We received your request for Nicholas's name :)

You would not have been a pest :)

Much Love Carly,

P.S sorry we could email you personally!

Korinda said...

I can't imagine that people would do such a thing, but I've found myself with hacked accounts!

What you are doing is wonderful!! I look forward to you being able to someday post more names written in the sand.

I emailed a request for my Isaiah a day or two ago, just checking that you got it?

Carly said...

Dear Korinda,

We have received Isaiah's name request :)

Thank you for you kind words :)

Much Love

Carly x

mom23greatgirls said...

Carly - I've been tracking this site for a while now (and I hope you are feeling so much better) and have a couple of requests for some friends of mine who have lost their babies. This will be the first Christmas for them and I was hoping that I would be able to get to your site at a time when you were taking requests.

If there is *ANY* way that I could provide you the information and have the names I would SO appreciate it! Please let me know.

Thank you so much for all that you do.

Carly said...


Our new email should be up here in a weeks time (I think at the latest)

If you come back around that time and check for a new email. I will make sure that you can have them before we stop for the Christmas break :)

Much Love,

Carly x

specialmama said...

I also sent in a request about 2 1/2 weeks ago for Pamela Joyanne AKA Nellie Belle. Did you get it? If not I can redo it as soon as you get your new e-mail. Thanks, Specialmama

Carly said...

Dear Specialmama,

We never received your email :( When are new email is up (Should be mid next week)please send us a new email with all Pamela's details.

Thank you

Carly x

Ines said...

Hello Carly,
first of all thanks for helping all of us coping with our pain, the side is absolutly beautiful.
Sorry to be a pain in the ... but just checking if you received my sons details I sent 4 weeks ago:
Louis Adam Anton Wilson
And my Auntis daughters details sent on the 11th of November:
Gabriele Rengers.

Thanks again and lots of love
Ines x

Carly said...

Dear Ines,

We have received Gabriele's request, but we never received Louis's :( I have added his name to the list. I feel so bad that you have been waiting do patiently for so long. If you want leave me another comment here with your son's details or you can email me at our new address which should be set up by the beginning of next week. I will leave it up to you.

Much Love Carly x

Anonymous said...

Hi Carly,

So sorry that your email got hacked :( How sad. I think that this is a very wonderful thing you are doing for everyone! And I hope that your family is feeling a bit better now...

With all of the confusiom, I just wanted to make sure that you received my request for my son Bradlee sent on the 6th. I know you must be flooded with requests and then taking care of your LO's on top of this, you're superwoman :) Just wondering if I need to send it again when your new email is up and running, or not worry about it!

Thank you, and much love!!

Carly said...

Dear Angel,

We have received Bradlee's request! There is no need to resend it :)

Much Love

Carly x