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Monday, January 12, 2009

Make a name request

Please take the time to read the following instructions carefully.

Please note that To Write Their Names In The Sand is undergoing some big changes.

We will not be taking anymore name requests until the beginning of September. This is due to some financial difficulties and the fact that we are in the middle of Winter where sunsets are few and far between.

The waiting time for you to see your photo on the website is around 2 weeks from when we receive your request due to the weather at the moment.

Please understand that we do not take requests through Facebook and we are unable to get to the beach at sunrise.

I am currently 23 weeks pregnant with what will be our last baby. You can read more about this new journey here. I have had a few complications that a few weeks ago left me on bed rest. Therefore I am unable to do any exercise. My Mother Annie who I assure you has beautiful hand writing will be writing many of the names for a while and I will stand back and take the photo's. Because my Mother works full time we will only be getting to the beach on weekends.

We are right in the middle of Winter down here in Australia so things will take a little longer as we have to wait for days when the weather is not to bad. Here is a link to Perth's weather forecast for this week.

Please check the seashore updates on our sidebar or visit Carly's twitter page for full updates on where we are up too and possible reason for delays.

Please understand that we get flooded with requests for names. We are unable to reply to your email. We will however, read every one that comes in and we will write every name requested. If you have any question's please have a read around the memorial page first. Your answer may be already here on the page. You can find answers under FAQ's in the navigation bar.

PLEASE NOTE: We have trouble receiving emails from yahoo accounts. Please if possible use another email to make your request.

  • write your child's name in the subject section of your email
  • The child's name (specify what name you would like in the sand) PLEASE NOTE: The the loveliest photo's come out when just the first name is written as they are clearer. However we are happy to write middle names We do not write surnames
  • Their Date of Birth
  • The Date they passed away, died, were born into heaven, (please write the exact wording you would like)
  • Your location (Optional)
  • Your message, prayer or quote (Optional)
Because we are now in Winter the weather is changing, with more heavy grey cloud. Bright orange sunsets are very few and far between so the photo's at the moment are rather blue. Winter time means delays if we are receiving rain and strong winds.


  • copy and paste your message from a word document or an internet site. This can effect the colours on the rest of the memorial page. Please take the time to type the message out yourself.
Where do I go to find my child's name?

To find your child's name on the page all you have to do is type their name into the top left hand side of the page where it says SEARCH BLOG. If we have completed your child's name it will come up. Check the seashore updates on our sidebar they will give you an indication on where we are with the name requests.

By clicking on "comments" at the bottom your child's memorial post, family and friends can leave a message.

You are very welcome to copy and paste the image to your own computer.

As much as we would like to write names for everybody this memorial site is for children that have passed away only. We are happy to write names for people up until young adult years. This memorial site is a free service. We rely purely on donations. We want to thank everyone that chooses to support us. Your generosity is much appreciated.