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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Belinda Sharee Johnson

Belinda Sharee Johnson
Born July 3rd 1979
Went to be with the Angels September 23rd 1979
Adelaide South Australia

I’m not very big
In fact I’m very small,
I sit on your shoulder,
And hear when you call.
I go everywhere with you,
Though you can’t see me
I’m with you always,
Even in your dreams.

I share your laughter,
Dry your tears when you cry.
And everyday I’m so proud,
Cause I see how hard you try.

My name is Belinda Sharee,
And I’ll never grow older.
But for as long as you live,
I’ll be your little Angel on your shoulder

We Love you Sweet Belinda Sharee
Love. Mummy, Daddy, Joanne and Cheryl.

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