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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bethany Jean "Xie"

Bethany Jean "Xie"
Born on 2/16/2012
Went to Heaven on 2/20/2012
Kentucky, USA

So sweet, so small, so soon....your twin, your sisters, your mom and dad and your entire family love you and miss you. You are a part of our family always, and we look forward to seeing you again.

Go easy, Bethany. God loves you!

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Kellie Ann Nolan said...

A poem I wrote for sweet Bethany....

Dear Little Angel
You are surrounded by love,
From the earth below You,
and now the Heavens above.

Don't be sad for us,
While in Your happy place.
Our tears should only remind You
That we miss Your beautiful face.

As time goes by
Your guidance we will seek,
For You are now our angel.
Please comfort us when weak.

Blessed are us on earth
To know that when we're blue,
We can look beyond the clouds
And see a smile from You!