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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Jasper Edward and Austin William Hall

Jasper Edward Hall and Austin William Hall
Lived in our arms - 20th January 2012

Ours are the silent ones,
Ours are the unseen ones,
Whose memories will lie forever in our hearts,
Whose memories will also carry anguish.
Our arms are empty
Our hearts are full,
For, our children, though still and silent,
in untimely death, are real people.
Named as all children are named,
Loved as all children are loved,
Dreamed for as all children are dreamed for.
Planning a future as parents do.
We perceive the bud, but are denied its blossom.

Our children are the the silent ones.
Our children are the unseen ones.
Within our hearts they are loved and mourned.
Time lays its its hand upon our hearts to heal,
But memory gives us quiet joy
For our children - born and loved eternally.

Mummy and Daddy love you darling babies xxx

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