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Friday, October 24, 2008

Jorai Mae Newman

 Jorai Mae Newman
Born sleeping on 3 June 2007
Lansing, MI USA

My sweet Jorai Mae,

Although your physical life is now in Heaven,
you continue to grace
our lives each and every day.
I want you to know that because of
our lives have been forever changed.
Though it's hard to know

that we'll always have a piece of our family missing here on earth,
realize now,
that we were blessed beyond measure to have known you,
our amazing little girl,
for 7 beautiful and exciting months.
We may
have only gotten to hold you
for a brief moment,
we may never know
the girl and woman you would have become,
and your brother will never
have his big sister here on earth,
but we got to feel you and love
and dream about a life with you for 7 wonderful months.
of that brief moment in time,
you will forever be part of us, and
a part of you.
You're our little girl, our precious daughter,
and we will always cherish you and our short time together.

You will always be with us,
a part of our family,
and you will always
be our daughter and a big sister.
Nothing can take that away from
Not even the silence and separation of death.
We miss you every
day my sweet
child and we will love you for all time.

Until we meet again, your Mama, Papa and baby brother.

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Rachel Clute said...

What you have written for Jorai is amazing, and her sunset is beautiful...I love the wave coming in! <3