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Saturday, October 25, 2008


February 13th 2008 - May 15th 2008

Star child
Sun child
Child of the moon
You are a whisper
On our lips
A fluttering in the heart space.

The crystal caught the
Mountain light
As I let your spirit go
My heart wept
For you were deeply loved.

Star child
Sun child
Child of the moon
Your whisper will
Linger forever
Carried like a feather
Down the mountainside
On gentle breezes
Of spring.
The sweetest baby in the world.
We miss you every day.

Love, Mommy & Daddy

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Anonymous said...

Dear Britton and Iain,
What a beautiful thing to be part of. I love you both, and of course.....your precious baby, Shane. (My little "ET")
xoxoxo HH

Anonymous said...

what an amazing website. we love you shane ~ we'll see you when we get up there!

tama, jay, aidan, colter

Anonymous said...

Shane filled so many hearts with so much love..we love and miss you. Hugs..Cath, Vic, Cory and Alex

Anonymous said...

We love you Britton & Iain and send you love, peace, joy and our sorrow. Shane will always be in our hearts and on our minds. Love, Ryan, Kelly and Sophie

Anonymous said...

Sweet Baby Shane will be in our hearts forever. Big hugs to his mom & dad. Warm wishes, The Dooley's

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful and touching tribute for such a precious baby. Much love to you, Britton and Iain. You are the strongest people we know.
xoxo Brooke and Sean