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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Oscar Allen Daukmai Rowley

Oscar Allen Daukmai Rowley
Date of Birth: 03-02-2008
Date born into Heaven: 03-02-2008
Frederick, MD

Oscar was born sleeping 5 months too early....
too early to be able to survive
outside of his Mama's nurturing belly,
too early for Oden to
have the role of "big brother",
too early for his Mama to kiss him
and nourish him with her breast milk,
too early for his Daddy
to brag about his every little milestone,
too early for his Grandparents to fawn over him,
too early for his family to know him,
but not too early for everyone
to love him and remember him...
Oscar will be forever loved and remembered
by his loving Mama Patricia,
Daddy Jon, Big Brother Oden,
and Baby Brother Shai
(due 1 year after Oscar's birth and death).

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Anonymous said...

Thank You so much Carly. This means so much to us... Big Hugs, The Rowley Family

Jennifer Albritton said...

What a beautiful sentiment for Oscar. This captures our angels names with meaning. Your words brought tears to my eyes, but seeing his name brought a feeling of serenity.