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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Michael Joshua Lum‏

Michael Joshua Lum‏
Born August 21st 2008
Born into heaven October 14th 2008
Hollister, Ca

Dear God,
If there are rocking chairs in heaven
will you save one just for us?
We want to hold our baby
who never caused a fuss.
Little Michael jus grew tired;
he was taken far too quick.
We cant explain your actions
or just what makes things tick.
Will you tell him please dont cry
as we'll meet him there some day,
When we ascend to heaven
for our eternal stay.
He knows we long to rock him
and kiss him on the cheek,
as we hum softly in his ear
without the need to speak.
Lord, tell him one last thing for us,
as we wait to meet again,
tell him mommy and daddy say "I LoveYou,
we'll be together in the end!"

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