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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mikey B

Mikey B

was born September 14, 1982
and went to heaven on August 25, 2005

Mike was a kind and gentle soul who suffered from Bi Polar Disorder and addiction. While his passing broke his family and friends hearts, it also helped save the lives of others who chose to quit drinking/drugging because he lived.

Live, Let Live and just let it be.
Love, Peace and Harmony.
One life, One God, One Destiny.

It is my firm belief that my son Mike fulfilled his destiny by impacting others through his golden heart-into living clean and sober lives, and that his legacy will live forever through the children, grandchildren and so on because PARENTS changed their lives when Mike left this earth.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Carly! Again and Again and Again! You are an amazing lady and I greatly appreciate all that you do! I love the photo and the oppurtunity to spread Mike's legacy on your Heaven Sent sight!

His Memorial page is:

With Love and Gratitude!