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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Thomas David Carlyon-Davies

Thomas David Carlyon-Davies

Born Sleeping 10.06.2009

An angel with the book of life wrote down your name and birth, and whispered as she closed the book 'too precious for this earth'.

Someday we will meet again my baby boy, until then know you always have a home in Mummy and Daddy's heart.
We will love you forever and miss you everyday!
You will always be our perfect little man.
All our love, Mummy and Daddy xxx

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Jessica said...

Carly, Thank you so much for doing this! Its absolutley beautiful! He was the most amazing examlpe of the beauty God is capable of, you've really dont him justice! Thank you again!
Jessica x

Anonymous said...

I was Thomas' Godmother Carly, seeing this has made me cry - Jess & Scott will be wonderful parents one day, but we will always keep Thomas in our hearts.

This is such a beautiful way to remember him. It's wonderful what you are doing for these parents, keep it up xx