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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

David Downs

David Downs
Died during birth 2nd December 2011

I'll never get to know my boy,
my lad, my nipper, my son
I'll never get to do the things
that other dads have done,
I'll never get to see his smile,
or hear his hearty cry,
I won't be able to dry his tears,
or share his happy times.
I'll never get to carry him
in the sling up to the park.
No cricket in the garden, or x-box after dark.
We'll never get to watch the footy
and have a beer or two,
or do all the father-son things
that the other dads get to do,
and now that I have lost you,
the pain is hard to touch.
I will always love you,
and miss you so very much
Goodbye my son.

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Barefoot and Pregnant said...

Sending so much love to David and his mummy, daddy and big sister Bel.
There will always be a space beside us at the train table,
Love Boba and Bear x x z