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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ben and Damien

Our first little man,
born sleeping 25.06.2007.

Our second little man,
born sleeping 08.04.2008.

Our beautiful boys,
we love you so very much.
Mummy & Daddy

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Anonymous said...

Oh Carly, thank you! It is so wonderful to see our sons' names in the sand.

Blessing to you and your family,
Toni and Allen
Mum and Dad to Ben and Damien

Anonymous said...

Have a lovely Christmas Ben and Damien, beautiful boys.

This is a lovely site. Merry Christmas to all mums and dads of angels, and esp to Toni and Allen.

Love Lou and family.

Anonymous said...

It was lovely to see your names light up the sand Ben and Damien. Hugs to Toni and Allen. xx

Carly and Sam - both of you are very special people...I am sure Christian is very proud of his mummy, daddy and sisters.

Dee x