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Friday, December 12, 2008

Hope Maxine Rollins

Hope Maxine Rollins

Daughter of Jarod & Tanya Rollins

Born Into Heaven - October, 19 2008

Weight: 7lbs 2oz Length: 20.5”

Orem, Utah USA

Hope is not lost

Hope is not gone

life is forever

continuing on

love is like life

an endless round

circling inward

our hearts it has bound

together forever

a family we are

the distances between us

are not really far

Hope is not sad

although we may be

born into heaven

now hope is free

Hope is brighter than any of us

she skipped the test

and got an A plus

Hope is sinless

Hope is pure

Hope’s eternal Salvation is sure

Hope is the beacon

that guides us to her

Hope is eternal

our little girl

our child

our love

and our entire world

we will be diligent

steadfast and true

and someday Hope

we will live there with you

by Jarod Rollins

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Alisa said...

Jared this is absolutely beautiful.