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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Robert Antony Smith

Robert Antony Smith
My baby boy died on the 04/09/2008

Our beautiful angel born sleeping,

Mummy tried saving you. I did my best sweet child of mine, but the doctors let you slip away, you flickered one last heartbeat to keep your mammy safe and in the end I pulled through. I lost my womb baby boy but the pain of losing you is so much worse. If I had one wish I wish I could have you in my arms one more time, you were such a beautiful boy born perfect at 4lbs 8oz's.

Mummy, Daddy, Jess, Jordan and Chelsea, we miss you very much and we love you lots you'll be forever in our hearts.
Love Mummy x x x x

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karen said...

aww thankyou thats just perfect x