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Sunday, December 7, 2008

A note from Carly

Dear Friends,

Just a note to say that I will not be putting the email address up for the next few days. I have had quite a few sleepless nights for several reasons this week and I am in need of a rest. We have 53 families waiting on photo's so we don't want to create too much of a backlog for ourselves. I will be putting the email address back up on the site on Wednesday, possibly earlier.

Thank you for understanding.

Much Hope and Peace

Carly x

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Anonymous said...

Hey Carls
Sorry you're feeling a bit snowed under, can I help in any way? If you ever want a beach helper i'd be happy to come down with you. Honest it'd be great to get down there in the fresh air! I need any help I can get to work off some of the choccie :P

Gemma xo

Louisa said...

Carly, please have a rest, particularly at this time of year, we all think you are doing great things, I have the newsletter of SIDS and Kids that have your website featured on it....will send it to you, I wish I could help too.. lots of hope and Louxx

Carly said...

Hey Gem,

Thanks heaps for your message. I'm ok, just very tired. I had such a nice time out the other night...... we should do that more often! You are welcome to come down to the beach anytime you wish! I will have to email you my number. Just give me a call anytime you feel like getting out :)

Hopefully see you at playgroup on Wednesday :)


Where would I be with out your encouragement?! Thank You :) I would love to see the newsletter. I'm sending you something in the post on Wednesday :)

Much Love to both you girls


Kalei said...

I want to thank you for your inspirational activities. You are truly a blessing. Take pride that you do so much for others, but as I have found recently...not to forget about yourself.

Carly said...

Dear Kalei,

Thank you so much for leaving a comment :) I am putting myself first :)

Much love to you

Carly xxx

Suz said...

hey carly,

thanks for putting my beautiful love and cherish pics up on the site. I appreciate it so much and they have given me some peace and comfort. Please take good care of yourself and rest.Wish i could help you from over here in melbourne
With love and thanks

Sue xxxx

Sarah P said...

Rest, recover and heal beautiful girl xxxx

Madame Squid said...

Oh Carly! Did you know you were my 1ST! visitor on my blog. You did such a beautiful thing for me, for free, out of a Godly love for someone you do not know. That is what Jesus did. I hope you decide to follow my blog, I intend to let honesty be the base for it. I needed an outlet. Much love to you and yours. Thank you for leaving my first comment, and hopefully soon I will have this whole blo-thingy figured out a little better.

Dataceptionist said...

This is such a beautiful thing you're doing here Carly, I read Christian's story and have been sitting here at work crying.

Peace be with you.