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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A message from Carly for the New Year

I took this photograph on Saturday morning. When I stumbled upon this little place in the botanical gardens I thought of my baby lost mama friends. I thought of us all as the pink flowers still full of love and beauty but trying desperately to catch the sunlight to survive whilst the looming spider hangs above us.

As much as we need the dark to heal, reaching for the sunlight is what we have to keep doing. If we keep hiding from the spider we will eventually sink into the damp ground and become stuck whilst all the other plants and flowers grow and bloom above us.

Although you may not feel like it does, this Earth still holds so much beauty for you.

Wishing everyone a HOPEFUL New Year

Much Love from


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Amanda Hoyt said...

Thank you, Carley.
Hugs and prayers,

Amanda said...

You have such a way with words, thank you sharing. (((HUGS))) to you too.

Carly Marie said...

Thank you for your hugs beautiful ladies :)

Gal said...

So beautiful. I agree with you so deeply, Carly. Thank you. The spider web is amazing. I see Tikva in spiders... I've always loved them, especially now.

Barbara said...

Beautiful Carly and I agree too.

I keep reaching.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Carly, it is beautiful.

Carly Marie said...

Dear Gal,

I think the fact you see Tikva in spiders is truly amazing. I will admit that I frightened of them, but I marvel at their ability to create such stunning homes with their own body. Wishing you more beautiful signs from above.


I know you are reaching, I read it in your blog each time I visit. Praying for peace and hope in your heart.


I am so happy that you liked the photo. Sending you my warmest wishes as you remember your twin sweet hearts.

Love Carly x

Karin said...


Your pictures and words are beautiful! Thank you!

tracyp said...

I found out about your sight from a friend who had many premature babies, I too am following down that path but unlike her I have had one called 'home'. Thank you so much for starting this and writting these beautiful words down for us all to read. I have learned that no matter where we are on our journey, no matter how much healing occurs the simple act of seeing or saying the name brings back emotions and ties the family together, every time.

Erica said...

Thank you for this!

May God Bless you!