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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Danika Radtke

Danika Radtke

Born into heaven February 16, 2007

Quebec, Canada


I truly met an angel
What a beauty
With sunset hued wisps of hair and eyelashes
Just kissed with a hint of copper

Lashes laid against cheeks made for Kisses
With roses blooming there
A mouth that was fashioned
In the shape of a cupids bow

I can just imagine
A cherub just like her
With a smile that would
dimple a cheek or two

A fat little fist
That would try to catch a butterfly
That passes on the wind

But shhh....
Don’t wake this sleeping beauty.
In dreams she will remain
Forever in my heart

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Anonymous said...

Thank you! My husband and I are so touched by this.
Sending you and your family much love and health for 2009.
-Kelly (Dani's mum)