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Friday, December 5, 2008

Sam Azrail Norton

Sam Azrail Norton
Born into Heaven October 12, 2008
Niles, MI USA

The meaning of his name:
"His name is God, and God is our aid!"

You're in Better Hands Now
I had so many dreams for you. I had so many plans. Hopes that gave me wind beneath my wings. But now you've gone away, And I sit here wondering why Or if I'll ever be able to dream again. I held you in my heart, I loved you with my soul. Only wish that I could hold you in my arms. But I can cry with hope. For I know that where you are. Is the safest place you could be in this time. You're in better hands now. I hear you whisper in my ear. You're surrounded by love and joy, And never need concern yourself with fear. You're in better hands now. And I trust the one who made you. Will now Himself surround you. And as He knew the number of your days, He counts my every tear And holds them in His bottle Near His heart. I love you, my child! (in memory of Sam Azrial Norton - October 12, 2008)

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