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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Nicholas Michael and Maggie

Nicholas Michael
Stopped by for a visit on 12/13/2007
12 weeks early
14oz and 10 1/2 " long
So tiny...but yet so beautiful!
Called back home on 12/19/2007

Born still July 21, 2006

"When someone comes into our lives and they are too quietly and quickly gone, the leave footprints on our hearts and their memory stays with us forever."
Lockport, IL

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much.....This was an early Christmas present!! Nicholas was with us during this week last year. Thank you so much for remembering him!!!

Kathy said...

Nicholas and Maggie will never be forgotten. So beautiful to see their names in the sand...

Anonymous said...

How funny!!! We both found this site at the same time. Now your Nicholas and Maggie are linked once again to my Michael.

Love to you from Illinois!!!