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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Angel Natalie

Angel Natalie
born 21st march 1994
passed away 3rd april 1996

To our darling daughter natalie
we have these words to say,
we loved you more than anything through each and every day
to us you are the bravest girl god has ever seen
he came to take you to a place a one where we have never been
you faced each day with a smile as beautiful as you are
the pain never stopped those eyes twinkling like stars
as you walked around the house im sure most people know you never walked upon your feet you always tippy toed
at night just as you went to bed you would hear us say "love you"
and in your sweetest little voice your reply was always "love you too"
goodbye sweetheart goodnight and godbless forever you will be in our hearts and memories and always in our dreams x

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