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Monday, August 8, 2011

Avery Fox Charles Tatton

Avery Fox Charles Tatton
Born Sleeping
14th July 2011


Goodbye Avery

My darling little Avery
The time has come to be
That I must say goodbye to you
and set you free from me

Don't be scared my little man
Be brave and strong and sure
My love will wrap and comfort you
And grow forever more

Take your time my elfish king
to walk the path ahead
I'll hold your hand within my heart
we're bound with invisible thread

Roar and growl wee little bear
forever be fearless and bold
take on all your challenges
while never growing old

Sweet little boy, my Avery
I cannot comprehend
How life is meant to go on by
without you as my friend

My darling son, my heart, my love
I'll never understand
Why you're not walking here with me
And I'm not holding your hand.

Goodbye my love, sweet Avery
It's time to bid adieu
We'll meet again with warm embrace
When I can whisper "I love you"

(c) Kristie Tatton

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Kristie said...

Through silent tears, I say thank you.

Lesley said...

Thank you for writing Avery's name in the sand!

Jacqueline said...

Also through tears, we thank you.