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Monday, August 22, 2011

Elyssa Rae Erdman

Elyssa Rae Erdman
Waukesha, WI, USA

I held her in my arms for way too short a time
Already knowing I’d be missing her deeply
Without even breathing she’s captured my heart
I think surely she’s only sleeping

So pretty, perfect features, and that head full of hair
My mind struggles to capture the way she appears
I wait for open eyes and a squeeze of my finger
The lack of which brings forth yet more tears

My beautiful little Ely Rae is now resting in heaven
The angels have taken her under their wings
In her name we ask the Lord to give strength to us all
During this time of mourning and for whatever tomorrow brings

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Debbie DeShong said...

Our Beautiful Elyssa Rae...believing in God gives me the strength to believe she is now with the Angels in heaven. We will meet someday baby girl...I love you..Meemaw

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely beautiful! Although I never got to meet or hold her I know she was the most beautiful little girl! She is now and will always be so loved! It is so assuring knowing that she is now in the presence of our Father in Heaven! Love Always, Auntie Sarah!