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Monday, August 8, 2011

Maya Paige Taylor

Maya Paige Taylor
15th June 2011 - 9th July 2011
Aged 24 days


"Some people only dream of angels... We held one in our arms"

We love you with all our hearts

Love and Huggles,
Daddy, Mummy & Sienna xox

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Anonymous said...

A beautiful setting for a beautiful little in peace gorgeous girl. You will hold a very special place in our hearts for the rest of our days. All our love, hugs & kisses Bec, Craig, Brock & Lincoln xoxoxoxo

Nanna and Tone said...

Only a setting as beautiful and peaceful as this could reflect the soul of my precious grand baby.The special feelings I have for you will never be erased. My prayer is for you to please stay around your DADDY, MUMMY and little SIENNA and look after them and keep them safe.Be with your Poppie ----little Maya Paige.
Love Nanna xxxxxooooo
And Unc Toneoooooxxxxx
Love You More Than Words Can Tell.

Gale said...

Words will be of little comfort I feel but as a mother of four and grandma of 10 with 11th due in Sept I can only tell you that you are now in my thoughts.