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Monday, August 22, 2011

Monkey Baby Robison

Monkey Baby Robison
Passed away in womb March 30th 2011
Phoenix AZ USA

I saw for just a moment the little blur they said was you, But now you have gone away. I watched for just a moment the beating of your heart, that held so much promise but soon it would depart. I dreamed for just a moment of the day I'd hold you tight. I'd listen for your little breath and rock you through the night. I cried for just a moment when they said you'd gone away. I laid alone in silence. I prayed for just a moment that you would be reborn in to my arms, you could come home and forever and i could keep you safe from harm. I was for just a moment a mother to my baby; who laughed and cried and wanted you so much. I had you for just a moment, but i will love you every moment.

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