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Friday, August 5, 2011

Tabitha Rayne Amberson Braden

Tabitha Rayne Amberson Braden
Texas, USA

Reach for the Sky, Sweet Tabi

I always wanted my children to reach for the sky.
I always wanted them to go as far as they could.

I had my precious Skyler Jean for a short time,
but last September she reached for the sky.
I know she didn't mean to reach that high,
But she grew beautiful wings and learned to fly.

Then I went chasing Rainbows,
And I had you, my sweet Tabitha Rayne.
You were supposed to reach for the sky, too --
But you weren't supposed to reach as high as she.

You made your appearance weeks too soon,
And you followed her footsteps almost exactly.
I wanted to keep you with me forever,
But your wings are as beautiful as hers.

I'm glad you're not alone, wherever you are,
For I know she welcomed you with open arms.
I'm glad you have such a wonderful big sister
To love, to hold, to comfort, and to protect you.

While I will love you and miss you both forever,
No one can say I don't have the best angels ever.

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Mom said...

Beautiful sunset, Tabi.

Momma said...

Thank you Tabi, for the few moments I got to hold you and pretend you could stay mine.

Mom said...

Missing you so much, sweet Tabi.

DD said...

You will never be forgotten.